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Zeel CEO, Samer Hamadeh, discusses Zeel Spa – the staffing solution for spas – at the Global Wellness Summit


The Global Wellness Summit (GWS) is an annual conference that draws 500 executives, thought leaders, and futurists in the wellness space from all over the world. It’s sometimes called the Davos for wellness. This year, the GWS was held in Tirol, Austria, a center of sports, health, and wellness. At the Summit, Zeel CEO Samer Hamadeh unveiled Zeel’s newest line of business, Zeel Spa – the premier staffing solution for spas.

The Benefit to Spas

The topic of the Zeel GWS chat was how on-demand staffing from Zeel Spa would help spas recapture lost revenue.  “Zeel Spa makes the industry stronger, more flexible, and more efficient,” said Samer. “Spas no longer need to turn away business or disappoint customers because of last-minute absences or spikes in customer demand.”

The Zeel team began working with spas a year ago before publicly launching Zeel Spa at the Summit. There are currently 70+ spas on the Zeel Spa platform, with more signing up every week.

Genesis of Zeel Spa

Samer shared the origins of Zeel – and Zeel Spa – with GWS attendees.  “In 2012 Zeel created a new category in the global massage industry. We were the first company to offer same-day, in home massages,” remarked Samer.  “We named and trademarked the category Massage On Demand. Spa owners (and ourselves included) thought we would disrupt the traditional spa industry. But along the way we learned that customers loved getting massages at spas as well as in home massages. So instead of looking at traditional massage businesses as competitors, we started looking at them as partners.”

The Zeel team took time to learn and understand the pain points that spas dealt with. “We learned that one of the biggest problems spas have is understaffing,” continued Samer.  “It’s difficult for spas to accept last minute appointments, or quickly manage current spa massage bookings when a staff therapist calls out sick.”

Added Zeel VP of Business Development, and spa industry veteran, David Edwards, “The best massage therapists are in the Zeel Massage Therapist network. And they are all licensed, experienced at the top spas, and have been thoroughly vetted and screened by the Zeel team. Spas always have a need for more great therapists. The light bulb went off for us.”

Samer concluded, “Our mission at Zeel is to Power Massage Everywhere. With the addition of Zeel Spa to our set of offerings, that now includes not only on demand massages at home, but also providing on demand massage staffing solutions to spas.   

 Learn more about Zeel Spa

Find out more about how Zeel Spa, the innovative on-demand staffing solution, works, and read some recent press about the Zeel Spa announcement in American Spa and Spa Business.



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