Ways to Enjoy the Long Memorial Day Weekend

Lookout point has an American flag flying on a calm day at the beach.

It’s Memorial Day Weekend! Here’s how we suggest you take advantage of your long weekend.


Sure, you could grab grub at a local pub, but it’s so much nicer to welcome the advent of summer with some sandwiches and carefully chosen liquid refreshments, enjoyed in the open air. (Works better on grassy lawns than parking lots.)


This is when blossoms are in bloom. There’s a reason there’s a phrase like “stop and smell the flowers.” Memorial Day Weekend is a fine time to do it. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, May is the ideal time to plant seeds (since you don’t need to worry about a frost destroying your precious seedlings).

White shoes

Tradition holds that you should only wear white shoes between Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day. So  wear your white shoes and open-toed sandals with full confidence that your etiquette is as pristine as your footwear.


Yeah, we know that it’s actually the beginning of summer and so you’re technically too late for spring cleaning, but an extra-long weekend is a great time to “eat the frog” – that is, tackle those unpleasant tasks and chores you’ve been putting off.  If your space is more maximalist than minimalist, consult a home organization guide, like Marie Kondo’s ultra-popular book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.


Did you eat the frog?  Fantastic, it’s time to reward yourself with a Zeel Massage in your newly organized/cleansed/Zen state. Zeel delivers to your location in as little as an hour – even on Memorial Day.

Binge-watching TV

We’re enjoying Peak TV, with dozens of worthy programs vying for our attention. (And let’s not even talk about older programs that are equally excellent.)  Even a long weekend is probably not enough time to get current on The Americans, but you can certainly tackle shorter series like Big Little Lies or Legion.  If you don’t have pay channels, HBO Now, Netflix, and Hulu all offer free trials.


As Arianna Huffington will be happy to tell you, massage is great for helping you relax and pay off your accumulated sleep debt. If you’re having trouble sleeping, try the Thrive Sleep Massage, specifically designed by Thrive and Zeel to promote better, deeper sleep.

Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!

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