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Pet Perfect: Getting an In-Home Massage When You Have Pets

Pet Perfect: Getting an In-Home Massage When You Have Pets

Pets are okay! A little furry company won't disrupt your Zeel massage.

Here at Zeel, we’re often asked a lot of questions from first-time customers, especially customers who’ve never had an in-home massage before. One of the most pressing concerns: is it okay to have a dog or cat present during the Zeel Massage?

Pets welcome

The good news: if you’re worried about your pup or kitten disrupting your Zeel Massage, don’t be. We surveyed our Zeel Massage Therapists (ZMTs) and discovered that a whopping 93% don’t mind at all if you have a furry friend around during your massage. Said one therapist, “My experience is that pets love to be around their owners during massage. They will lie close to the table, on the couch, or under the table. Once they see that their owner is OK, they fall asleep.”

Curious and curiouser

Some pets, however are, shall we say, more proactive. While some dogs and cats prefer to watch, others like to check things out more closely. Of Zeel Massage Therapists we surveyed, 29% said that a dog had hopped onto the massage table during a session, while 36% said they’d experienced a particularly curious feline.

Of course, not all customers mind. Another Zeel Massage Therapist shared, “I mentioned it to the client, who was amused and didn’t seem to mind. The cat wasn’t bothering me so I continued to work, and eventually the cat left the table.” Other customers prefer to remove the pet, with or without the therapist’s aid.

Advice on Zeel Massage in the presence of pets

If you have a pet in the house during your Zeel Massage, here are a few tips to make sure your massage goes perfectly.

  • Know thy pet. Many dogs and cats are calm, but if yours is particularly energetic, you may wish to keep your pet in a bedroom or other closed room during the massage.
  • Add a note in the app when booking your Zeel Massage that you have pets at home. While almost all therapists love animals, some are allergic.
  • Provide a safe place for your therapist to put her oils and lotions – we hear that some dogs think of massage oil as a snack!

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Infographic getting an in home massage when you have pets

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