NBC Looks at Massage Zeelot, the Monthly Massage Membership from Zeel

Dancer Ashley Roberts receives a Zeel massage on NBC 1st Look.

Have you taken a first look at Zeel’s Massage Zeelot program? Well, Ashley Roberts, of the appropriately named 1st Look on NBC, did. Ashley, a dancer, was thrilled with her fantastic massage, delivered by Zeel Massage Therapist Lena.



Some people (thought we don’t know who those people are) are happy with a massage or two a year. But really, the more regular your massage schedule, the more you’ll receive the many physical benefits of massage, including reduced back pain, neck pain, lowered levels of stress, an improved immune system, better flexibility, better-quality sleep, and myriad others. That’s where the Massage Zeelot monthly massage membership comes in. Soothe pain with massage – at home, and at the best price.

With Massage Zeelot, your low monthly membership payment nets you not just a Zeel Massage, at home, delivered to you, every single month, but also a professional massage table, to create your very own at home spa massage. Or set up a Zeelot package for couples massage, with two tables. You also receive the Zeelot discount on additional massages you book at your home, if one massage a month isn’t enough (and it usually isn’t!) Finally, remember that Massage Zeelot makes an amazing massage gift.

Watch and learn or check out Massage Zeelot for yourself.

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