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How Daicel is Bringing Wellness Back to Work, Along with Their Employees

How Daicel is Bringing Wellness Back to Work, Along with Their Employees

Workplace Wellness in the Office Post-COVID

The trip back to the office has been slow but steady. While some companies remain primarily or completely work from home, others have started bringing employees back to the office. This means that companies are now exploring a mix of benefits, from virtual benefits for home offices, to in-office services that meet new standards of both quality and safety. 

“Companies are starting to come around to the idea that when you offer a robust wellness program, you get happier, healthier employees who are more likely to come to work and give their best.”

Karishma Pursel

We were curious about what companies are doing to promote wellness in the workplace during this COVID era, and so we spoke with Karishma Pursel, an Onsite Well-Being Coordinator, dedicated to Daicel, a manufacturing company based in Mesa, Arizona. Employees at the Mesa office have returned to the worksite, and the company has taken stringent measures to ensure employee safety, including the use of PPE and daily temperature checks, as well as spacing within the office. 

Daicel HQ in Mesa, Arizona

Daicel is an innovative company, notes Karishma, focusing on auto manufacturing parts—essential equipment that keeps people safe. The company has about 400 employees, with locations in both Arizona and California. Employees do a variety of jobs from engineering to working the production line. The workforce at Daicel has welcomed new wellness offerings like quarterly chair massage from the Zeel@Work program. Every 3 months, Karishma coordinates Zeel@Work events for Daicel, and employees “rush to grab a spot before they are all gone!”

The massage program is one of the most popular and effective wellness programs at Daicel, and has remained popular in recent months. “It’s been fun incorporating massage to our wellness offerings,” she says. “Massages can change lives, helping us walk better and be in less pain, not to mention the powerful mental health benefits that come along with massage as well.”

“The enthusiasm and content of the Wellness Program at Daicel is very positive and definitely promotes greater awareness of improving personal and community health.”

Daicel Employee

Since the advent of COVID, Daicel has taken additional steps to keep massage in the office safe, including the wearing of masks for both therapists and employees, very frequent sanitizing, temperature checks, spacing, and contact-free check-in. 

Other company wellness offerings include fitness related challenges like step challenges, onsite events like flu shot clinics, dental exam clinics, and vision exam clinics, and educational events like nutrition education sessions, and community based events like local donation drives.

Learn more about Zeel@Work and the variety of ways—both on-site and virtually—we can support employee health and wellness every day.

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