Is Prenatal Massage Safe? 3 Questions To Ask Your Therapist

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Have you ever wondered how to choose the right massage therapist for a prenatal massage?

You deserve the best possible care during your pregnancy, and research shows massage therapy can be an excellent way to reduce your aches and pains. Not all massage therapists are cut out for working with mothers-to-be, so it’s important for you to know what qualifies a massage therapist to work with you during your pregnancy.

There are three simple ways you can tell whether you have the right massage therapist for the job. These are great questions to ask before you book your appointment, and any therapist should be happy to provide you with this information if you ask for it.

If they bristle at your questions over the phone, it may be a sign that you’re better off with a therapist more open to your fact-finding (and more qualified to work on you during pregnancy).

1. How much pregnancy massage training do they have?

While this sounds like a delicate question, it’s perfectly reasonable to ask the massage therapist what kind of special training they’ve done to educate themselves on pregnancy massage techniques.

Some massage therapists received nothing more than a 2-hour workshop during massage school on how to modify a regular massage for a pregnant woman, while others have taken week-long intensive certification courses on prenatal massage on top of their basic training for massage licensure.

Massage therapists are not technically required to receive additional prenatal training outside of massage school in order to give pregnancy massage. However, you can always search for a provider who has extra training in this area.

make sure to ask how much prenatal massage training the massage therapist has

Before scheduling your session, make sure to ask how much prenatal massage training the massage therapist has, and whether that training was completed in person or online.

2. How many prenatal massage clients have they worked on?

You’re probably assuming that any bodyworker that lists “prenatal massage” on their service menu has worked with prenatal clients before, right? Actually, this isn’t necessarily true.

Some massage therapists are interested in working on pregnant clients but haven’t yet had any prenatal massage bookings – we all have to start somewhere, right? – so their “hands-on” experience is little to none.

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Knowing the answer to this question will give you more confidence in their experience with this unique type of bodywork, and when your mind is at ease it’ll be much easier for your body to relax on the treatment table.

3. How many pregnant clients do they work on in a week?

This is related to how many pregnancy massage they have done over their career, but the goal here is to understand how many they do on a regular basis.

The reason this is important is that some therapists used to work on pregnant clients, but are no longer proficient in prenatal work and so haven’t seen pregnant clients in some time. Or, they’ve only ever seen prenatal clients intermittently. Their skills may or may not be rusty, but it’s a good idea to check how much prenatal work the therapist is currently doing to have a gauge of their proficiency.

While they may still be happy to book you into their schedule if they don’t regularly see pregnant clients, you might prefer to find a therapist who sees at least a few pregnant clients each week so that you know their skills are fresh.

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Get the most relaxing prenatal massage

Asking the right questions will put your mind at ease when scheduling your first pregnancy massage. Be certain to ask about the therapist’s prenatal massage training and experience before booking your massage to ensure you get the best quality care.

Let Zeel take care of vetting massage therapists and sending you a qualified expert. When you schedule an in-home massage with Zeel, you can be confident your therapist is formally trained in prenatal massage and is comfortable working with pregnant clients. And when you’re confident you’re in good hands, melting into that massage table is just that much easier.

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