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7 Animals Who Love Massage as Much as You Do

7 Animals Who Love Massage as Much as You Do

Labrador snoozes peacefully as its owner indulges him in a dog massage.

In honor of Earth Day, we thought we’d show you the commonalities between the animal kingdom and humankind. And as it turns out, most living creatures really love getting a massage.  We’ve got video proof right here.


Cat Massage

Of course, there’s the classic cat massage, starring placid gray cat Champion and some very bright 1980s fashion, with a cameo from a stuffed tiger. We’d call this a deep tissue massage, feline-style.


Dog Massage

Well-known restaurateur Eddie Huang shared this video of an extremely relaxed corgi enjoying a head, neck, arm and foot massage. At Zeel, we recognize that blissful expression. If your dog has neck pain, this dog massage is the way to go.


Owl Massage

Owls are purportedly wise, proven by their appreciation of a good massage. We’re not sure if owls have back pain – do they have backs?


Tortoise Massage

You’d think a hard shell would prevent you from enjoying a spa-quality massage. According to this leopard shell tortoise, you would be wrong.


Lion Massage

It takes a brave person to give a lion a massage, even a gentle Swedish massage, as shown here. But the lion is so grateful.


Panda Massage

People of all ages love massages – yes, baby massage is a thing. Apparently, pandas of all ages do too. Even baby pandas.


Shark Massage

Even sharks apparently enjoy a great back massage. What kind of massage do you give a shark?  Any massage technique it wants!


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