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Where We Zeel: Zeel Massage Locations Across the US

Where We Zeel: Zeel Massage Locations Across the US

Zeel locations all over the US in over 65 cities

Where are you? Do you want a massage near you? A massage right here? Do you want a massage today, in as little as an hour? Shall we say… a Massage On Demand®? (Note the ® – we know what we’re doing at Zeel.)

Well, you get the idea. Chances are that Zeel can help. That’s because we Zeel in over 65 cities and metro areas all over the United States (for now). Find out more about some of our many Zeel massage locations – and remember, we’re adding more all the time.

New York City, NY

New York, New York. Big Apple. Etc. Zeel delivers massage throughout New York City. Yes, that means all five boroughs – massage in Brooklyn, massage in Queens, the Bronx, and even Staten Island (we love ferries).

The Hamptons, NY

The Hamptons are one of the most popular getaways for New Yorkers seeking sun and fun, if not relaxation – because there’s always something to do on this Eastern tip of Long Island. Hamptons insiders know that they can rely on Zeel to deliver the best Hamptons massage – and no traffic either!

Westchester, NY

Bedroom community? Try massage community. Westchester is a great place to get a massage at home, and of course, Zeel makes your mobile massage happen.

New Jersey

Zeel Massage is available nearly everywhere in the Garden State, from Jersey City to Short Hills. A New Jersey Massage is a click away with Zeel – any exit!

Boston, MA

Celebrate the Massage On Demand® revolution in the city that started the American Revolution –  Zeel. When you want a massage near you in Boston, Zeel is your first and only app to deliver your spa massage right to your Boston hotel or home. With apologies to Paul Revere, the Zeel Massage Therapists are coming to a massage table near you!

Cape Cod, MA

Philadelphia, PA

Cheese steaks may be one of the best things about Philadelphia. Or maybe that’s a massage delivered to your Philly home or hotel, with Zeel. (Benjamin Franklin is cool too). Because Philadelphia is the city of romance (or is that Paris), try a Zeel couples massage, on demand, with our ace Zeel Massage Therapists.

Pittsburgh, PA

Washington, D.C.

Capital of the United States, DC might not be an actual state, but thanks to Zeel, the Massage On Demand company, Washingtonians will be in a state of massage bliss in as little as an hour from the time they book on the Zeel app or on  When you need a massage near your Washington, DC hotel, home or embassy, Zeel delivers.

Baltimore, MD

Charlotte, NC

Durham, NC

Raleigh, NC

Wilmington, NC

Charleston, SC

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta has some of the worst traffic in the country. We all know you want to see the Braves play, but why not make it an evening in with Zeel? No matter which variant of Peachtree Street you live on, Zeel Massage delivers. Enjoy a massage anywhere in Atlanta with Zeel.

Austin, TX

Bats, Barton Lake, barbeque and Zeel (OK, it doesn’t start with a B, sue us) – when you want a massage near you in Austin, Zeel is always just an hour away. Our handy Zeel Massage app lets you book a massage 365 days a year in Austin.

Dallas, TX

Houston, TX

San Antonio, TX

New Orleans, LA

Nashville, TN

Music City, U.S.A. isn’t only known for honky tonk and hot chicken. Now, Nashville is a hub for the best mobile massage in the country, delivered to your home, hotel, or Airbnb.

Chicago, IL

Chicago is the third-largest city in the United States. If you love architecture, hotdogs topped with cucumbers and celery salt, and massage, Chicago is the place for you. Zeel brings a five-star massage anywhere in Chicago, right to your Chicago hotel or home. No need to look for a Chicago massage near you – there’s nowhere nearer than Zeel.

Columbus, OH

Detroit, MI

Ann Arbor, MI

Minneapolis, MN

Denver, CO

Have you ever had a mile high massage in your home or hotel room or office?  If not, head to Denver for your mobile massage, anywhere you like. Massage in your home in Denver? No problem. Massage at your swanky Denver hotel?  Cool.  Zeel is not only the best massage in Denver, we’ll deliver through our massage app in as little as an hour or up to a month in advance.

Colorado Springs, CO

Fort Collins, CO

Vail, CO

Park City, UT

Salt Lake City, UT

Las Vegas, NV

Gamble with the slot machines. Go for broke at the roulette wheel. But when it comes to massage in Las Vegas, you won’t have to roll the dice – Zeel delivers a great massage therapist, a massage table, and massage supplies to your Las Vegas hotel or home. The Zeel Massage app is the safest bet for the best massage in Vegas.

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles has an almost mystical quality. This global city is known for movie stars, glamour, beaches, palm trees, and packed highways. But there’s much more to Los Angeles than you might think of at first glance. Not only does Los Angeles have an actual subway, it also has the best mobile massage – Zeel. Zeel is the best mobile spa in Los Angeles – stay in and enjoy yet another spectacular sunset while enjoying a great massage from Zeel.

Miami, FL

There are so many reasons to come to Miami, or stay in Miami – beaches, warm weather, access to the “Capital of Latin America,” cruises, and year-round energy, business and vibrancy. And, of course, Miami is a fantastic place for a massage, whether at the beach or at your Miami office or hotel. Get a massage at home in Miami, delivered to you from Zeel. Our Miami massage therapists at Zeel are all vetted, licensed, and ready to bring you a great Miami massage in as little as an hour.

Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix lies in what’s known as the Valley of the Sun – makes sense, because Phoenix gets about 300 days of sunshine a year. Even better, Phoenix enjoys 365 days of Zeel, the mobile spa you want. Zeel delivers mobile massage on demand in Phoenix in as little as an hour, with start times as early as 8 am and as late as 10:30 pm.

Tucson, AZ

Albuquerque, NM

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

What do you know San Francisco for?  If it’s the city of San Francisco, probably fog, trolley cars, a booming tech market, and red hot real estate. The Bay Area is much more than just San Francisco, stretching to Oakland, Napa, Sonoma, and the entire East and North Bay.  Zeel is proud to serve the entire Bay Area with our Zeel mobile massage, bringing a mobile spa massage experience to offices, startups, homes, and hotels throughout the Bay Area.

Inland Empire, CA

Lake Tahoe, CA

Monterey Bay, CA

Orange County, CA

Palm Springs, CA

Sacramento, CA

San Diego, CA

Santa Barbara County, CA

Seattle, WA

Seattle is one of the most popular new destinations in the United States, drawn by its booming tech economy and year-round temperate weather (if a bit drizzly). Zeel Massage makes Seattle an even better place to visit and live, because we make massage delivery to Seattle homes, hotels, and workplaces a reality. Choose your deep tissue, sports, Swedish, or prenatal massage with Zeel, knowing that a great Seattle massage therapist will arrive with a table and supplies at the time and place you want, 365 days a year.

Portland, OR

Tampa, FL

The Tampa Bay area is home to several Florida cities like Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater.  This sunny, diverse Floridian region is increasingly popular with tourists, residents, and massage fans. The last, of course, due to the arrival of Zeel, the Massage On Demand company. When you’re looking for a massage near your location in the Tampa Bay area, rely on Zeel. Zeel’s massage therapists offer the best massage in Tampa.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Fort Myers, FL

Jacksonville, FL

Naples, FL

Orlando, FL

Palm Beach County, FL


For a full map of Zeel’s 65+ cities and countless surrounding areas, visit our Zeel Massage Locations page.

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