Last Minute gifts for Employee Appreciation Day

Co-workers gather together over an office-sponsored lunch on honor of Employee Appreciation Day

We know you appreciate your employees every day. But you’re running out of time to officially prove it. March 4 is National Employee Appreciation Day.

Fortunately, there are many little gifts and events you can bestow upon your employees to make sure that you truly do appreciate everything they do for you.

    • T-shirts. Perhaps you’ve heard of the T-shirt Theory – that T-shirts make everyone irrationally happy beyond the cost of a simple cotton/poly garment. If you’ve toyed with the idea of introducing new company t-shirts, Employee Appreciation Day is the day to do it.


    • Pizza is always the way to anyone’s heart.  Lunchtime pizza pies say “I appreciate you, employee” loud and clear. Be a good employer and remember the vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-avoiders among us, and order accordingly. As a special bonus, leftover pizza makes a delicious breakfast.


  • Massage. Massage at the workplace reduces employee stress and lets your workers know that you care about their health and wellness. Even a 10-minute massage in the office boosts circulation, immune system (perfect for fighting those winter colds at work) and energy levels. Plus, it feels great! Both chair and clothed table massage are great options.

Recognize them!

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