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What your Massage Therapist is Thinking During your Massage

What your Massage Therapist is Thinking During your Massage

Zeel Massage Therapist setting up an in-home spa in a NYC living room.

A few weeks ago, The Onion took a break from its regular Joe Biden coverage to produce a humorous piece about a woman fretting during a table massage.

While we hope no one is taking actual wellness advice from the Onion, Zeel heard from one or two of our members who identified with the (fictitious) woman in the article, who frets about her unshaven legs and making noises during the massage, thus interfering with her ability to actually enjoy the massage.

“Zeel Massage Therapists say they hear this all the time from customers,” said Eva Carey, Zeel’s National Massage Therapist Director. “The fact is that Zeel Massage Therapists are professionals. They don’t ponder your leg hair or stretch marks. They’re there to provide a great in home massage.” Carey further noted that getting a massage at home might be more relaxing for nervous massage recipients, as a home massage would take place in the comfort and privacy of their own environment.

Sighs and other noises are common during massage, continues Carey. “There’s no need to be silent during a massage, though don’t feel obligated to make noise!” Or choose some cool massage music.

Most importantly, says Carey, “Speak up if the pressure if wrong! Your Zeel Massage Therapist can adjust, making sure you get the customized massage from Zeel that you want.”

To summarize:

  • Don’t worry about what you look like – your Zeel Massage Therapist doesn’t care
  • Don’t get your wellness advice from The Onion
  • Don’t worry about the occasional groan or sigh
  • Tell your Zeel Massage Therapist if the pressure isn’t quite perfect
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