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Celebrate Global Wellness Day June 11 with Zeel

Celebrate Global Wellness Day June 11 with Zeel

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Sometimes we seem to take care of everything and everyone but ourselves. That’s why there’s Global Wellness Day, a new day to focus our attention on keeping ourselves focused on living well. Founded in 2012 in Turkey, today Global Wellness Day is a growing international effort. At Zeel, we’re proud to be part of this movement to focus on the simple, healthful things in life. Global Wellness Day falls on the second Saturday in June – this year, it’s June 11. In 2015, Global Wellness Day was celebrated in 74 countries and on every continent. Be part of the 2016 celebration – along with Zeel.

How do you celebrate Global Wellness Day? Put aside the Diet Coke and the late-night Netflix, at least for one day.  Here’s some ways to start some new, healthy habits to get your Global Wellness Day started.

Drink water. Hydration keeps you healthy and alert – and also keeps you from drinking less wholesome beverages.

Boost your endorphins – naturally.  One great way to do this is to take a walk for an hour. Another great way to boost endorphins is to get a massage for an hour. Up to you.

Avoid plastic bottles. These petroleum-based products aren’t great for the environment or your wellbeing.

Eat organic. Natural, hormone-free and local is the way to go.

Do good. Help others and change your life.

Dine with family and friends. Shoving a frozen pizza down your gullet in front of the computer is inferior to sharing communion with loved ones during an in-person meal.  No  TV or phones allowed!

Get to bed early. 9 pm is perfect, 10 pm is good.  You’ll get better-quality sleep, essential for health. And you’ll have a few extra hours to face the day in the morning.

Happy Global Wellness Day!

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