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Ask Eva: Migraines and Massage

Ask Eva: Migraines and Massage

Ask Eva, our Zeel National ZMT Manager and licensed massage therapist.

Can I get a massage if I currently have a migraine, and will it help?

Unfortunately the answer is “it depends.” Migraines can be triggered by many things, including nerve entrapment in the upper back and neck, stress, food sensitivities and hormones.  Some migraine sufferers, particularly those with stress triggers, find that massage improves their symptoms. Others can’t bear to be touched during an episode.

Massage is certainly worth a try if you’ve never had a massage during a migraine episode before.  Make sure to let your therapist know that you’re currently mid-migraine. If the massage doesn’t work, try drawing blood flow from the head by placing an ice pack (frozen peas work too) at the base of the skull.


Eva Carey is a licensed massage therapist with 20+ years of experience, as well as Zeel’s New Jersey manager. Have a question for Eva? Contact

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