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Take the Zeel Massage Muscle Quiz!

Take the Zeel Massage Muscle Quiz!

Female body builder expertly flips tire during intense workout

Back pain?  Neck pain?  Blame your muscles – and your recent pulled muscle from your workout. Your Zeel Massage Therapist knows muscles – do you? Take the Zeel Massage Muscle Quiz!

1. What percentage of your body weight is made up of muscle mass, on average?

a) 20%

b) 30%

c) 40%

d) 50%

2. What is the largest muscle in the human body?

a) Bicep

b) Heart

c) Gluteus maximus

d) Soleus

3. Which of these activities can cause pain and inflammation in the forearm and elbow?

a) Golf

b) Archery

c) Tennis

d) All of these

4. Muscles are more prone to injury in cold weather.

a) True

b) False

5. Massage should be avoided when you have a pulled muscle or other muscle injury.

a) True

b) False



Question 1: c, 40%

40% of your body weight, on average, is made up of muscle. This can be higher for trained athletes.

Question 2: c, Gluteus maximus

The gluteus maximus, colloquially known as your butt, is the largest muscle in the human body. After all, it needs to keep you upright, and that’s a tough job.

Question 3: d, all of these

All of these activities can inflame muscles and tendons in the forearm, though the location of this inflammation is slightly different. So-called tennis elbow affects the outside of the arm and elbow, as does archer elbow. Golf elbow generally affects the inside of the forearm and elbow.

Question 4: a, true

Muscles contract more in the cold, making them less flexible and thus more prone to tearing or strain. Cold can also numb pain receptors, so you push through movements that are hurting your muscles. The solution: warm your muscles up before and after a cold-weather workout.

Question 5: b, false

Not only should you not avoid massage, massage can help speed muscle recovery. Massage increases blood circulation and white blood cell count, thus boosting the immune system and helping your body repair muscle damage. Sports massage can be especially effective for targeting injured areas. Just make sure to tell your Zeel Massage Therapist about your injury prior to beginning the massage.

Like quizzes?  Find out how much you know about massage with the Zeel Massage Quiz!


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