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What Moms-to-Be Really Want for Mother’s Day

What Moms-to-Be Really Want for Mother’s Day

prenatal massage from Zeel for mother's day

Whether you’re in the very beginning stages of pregnancy or you’re nearing the end, experiencing Mother’s Day as a mom-to-be is nothing short of exciting. This day marks the beginning of an annual celebration of how amazing you are for bringing a beautiful life into this world. But it’s not an easy journey—pregnancy can be long and downright exhausting, so you deserve to kick your feet up, relax and be pampered. To help make sure that happens, we’re sharing some of our favorite gift ideas for expecting moms on Mother’s Day.

A Zeel prenatal massage

Every expecting mom deserves a little TLC as she awaits the arrival of her bundle of joy. But she might not be in the mood to travel even to a nearby spa for pampering. That’s where Zeel can seriously save the day. Book her a prenatal massage delivered directly to her front door so she can relax and be transported to a peaceful state in the comfort of her own home. Choose from 60-, 75- or 90-minute sessions.


get a massage


The Baby Bee Box

If there’s one thing a new mom can’t have too much of during the beginning of her baby’s life it is undoubtedly onesies and starter clothes. Newborns make a lot of messes and a new mom is going to have more laundry than she knows how to keep up with. This starter kit from Burt’s Bees Baby comes with everything a new mom needs—three month’s worth of clothes, bedding and bath essentials. What’s more—with every purchase of a Baby Bee Box, Burt’s Bees gives back to a mom in need.

Bump Boxes

Subscription boxes are all the rage for a reason—they deliver custom-made products that you need in your life right now. So why not sign the mom-to-be in your life up for a monthly pregnancy subscription box tailored to her trimester. Each box includes 4-8 healthy products that are custom-picked for her due date—from bath and beauty products to solutions for pregnancy symptoms such as nausea. It’s something fun for a mom-to-be to look forward to each time she enters a new trimester.

White Noise Sound Machine

One of the most challenging things a new mom will be faced with is trying to get her newborn to fall asleep and stay asleep. But a white noise machine can often make all the difference. Most new moms swear by them, which is why they are a popular item on shower registries. This one not only masks background noise to set the scene for a more peaceful sleep, but it also has a fan-based white noise that is both natural and soothing. It comes in three colors that can easily be matched to a mom-to-be’s established nursery.


Most moms-to-be find that they need to switch up their beauty regimen during pregnancy since not all ingredients are safe for use while you’re expecting. It can be a very confusing process, which is why HATCH Mama created a line that simplifies everything. This all-natural line made from plant extracts is 100 percent safe for mom and baby. They sell individual products or combos perfect for giftings, such as their pocket spa trio blend of aromatherapy oils and beauty tote complete with belly oils, hair oils, leg and foot relief and more.

Wee Blessing

One of the last things a new mom will think about in the midst of trying to keep her new tiny human alive is what she should wear in the morning—and she shouldn’t have to worry about it! That’s where Wee Blessing comes in handy. It’s a clothing subscription service for the entire family that was founded by a mom herself as a way to give moms and dads more time for the things that truly matter. After filling out a comprehensive style profile, a stylist personally selects 3-4 customized outfits (delivered on a monthly basis) tailored to each individual’s taste, age, budget, and lifestyle. Here’s the part all moms will love: All of the top brands you know, and love are 40-60 percent off retail and your card doesn’t get charged until you decide what to keep!

A yoga mat

Yoga can be incredibly beneficial for expecting mothers. Not only is the stretching required helpful in preparing for labor and delivery, but the breathing techniques can help ease contractions. Prenatal yoga classes are a great gift for a mom-to-be as well as a yoga mat of her own that she can bring to each and every class. If she’s not a class gal, she can practice at home with her mat or outside on the lawn.


To enhance the already strong bond a mom-to-be has with her baby, purchase her a pair of BellyBuds, specialized speakers that gently adhere to a baby bump and allow a mom-to-be to safely play music and sound directly to her womb. Whether it’s lullabies or mom’s favorite singer, your baby-to-be will get a head start at listening to the music she’ll be exposed to once she’s being cradled in her mom’s arms.


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