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5 Spring Self-Care Tips From Tammy Fender

5 Spring Self-Care Tips From Tammy Fender

A photo of Tammy Fender.

“It is spring again. The Earth is like a child that knows poems.”

– Rainer Maria Rilke

Spring, everything is in bloom, including your social calendar. We sat down with Tammy Fender, holistic guru, herbalist, organic skincare founder (we love her Purifying Luculent Masque) and owner of Tammy Fender Spa in Palm Beach to talk spring self-care as the world around you is quite literally, unearthing. Below, Fender shares five tips on embracing the blooming season and taking care of yourself at the same time.  

  1. Dandelion

While many may think of dandelion as a spring weed, it’s Fender’s favorite way to detoxify her body and skin in the springtime. The yellow flower (and its’ roots and leaves) have many healing benefits. “In herbalism traditions, drinking dandelion tea is thought to provide nourishment and boost the liver’s cleansing capabilities. And, of course, gentle cleansing and good nourishment carry great benefits for the skin,” she says. We love this blend of dandelion tea.

  1.  Eucalyptus

Fender loves to embrace the smells of spring with some natural aromatherapy (that also has protective powers). “Here in South Florida, when fresh Eucalyptus becomes available each spring, I love to add its leaves to my bath,” she says. Eucalyptus not only smells like a fresh spa, but “breathing deeply of the steam also brings extra vibrancy to the lungs,” notes Fender. The green leaved herb, also has protective energy. “For hundreds of years Eucalyptus has been known for its capacity to disrupt energetic negativity, creating a sense of wholeness and positivity,” says Fender. She suggests bringing in into your living and work spaces to,“benefit from its vibrant cleansing”.

  1. Give Your Skin Some TLC

Fender has many celeb fans (like Gwyneth Paltrow and Julianne Moore) of her magical natural skincare line (which is sold everywhere from natural skin mecca Follain to beauty boutique Blue Mercury). She is also one of those people that you meet, and immediately want to know everything they do to get such healthy skin, Fender sports a truly swoon worthy glow. Her tips for taking care of your skin in the springtime: embrace products that soothe and awaken. Fender loves her Plant Milk, a milky emulsion made with White Lily and Mountain Arnica, and her Awakening Eye Gel, an herbal hydrating eye gel that cools. Fender says the best way to apply eye products is to “gently tap a small amount around the eyes, working from the outer corner to the inner. Then, activating the lymphatic system, I very lightly pump the under-eye area, from the inner corner back towards the outer, expressing any excess fluid down and away, towards the earlobe.” Next, Fender applies and massages her “Plant Milk, a soft, milky botanical emulsion that brings nutritive support and protection to the skin, imparting the most beautiful dewy sheen,” she says

  1. Sweat It Out

Working out and getting in a good sweat in doesn’t only do wonders  for your body, and mind, but Fender says it’s also great for your spring skin. “Whenever we perspire, the body rids itself of impurities, clearing out the pores and flushing out the system, while heightened circulation delivers an abundance of oxygen and nutrients to wherever they are needed most,” notes Fender. Her favorite workouts for good skin, “In yoga, inversions can support that clarifying action, while running or doing Kundalini yoga, with all its rapid bouncing and shaking, can help the lymphatic system get moving, additionally supporting detoxification.” But it’s also important to have a good time,“ I always like to say, however, that any workout that makes you smile is great support—releasing tension in facial muscles, and buoying your mood, while lowering stress hormones that can damage collagen,” she says.

  1. Butterfly Gardening

Get your green thumb ready, and expect some beautiful visitors from nature. “For those with gardens, it’s lovely to plant flowers that the butterflies, those winged beauties, will love. Spending time with these incredible creatures brings a new magic to our home. And how special it is whenever the kids discover a chrysalis tucked beneath the leaves,” says Fender.

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