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A smoothie bowl filled with various nutrients that are good for muscle recovery.
The 6 Essential Nutrients Your Body Needs for Fast, Effective Muscle Recovery

It’s officially spring—a time when many of us frantically up the ante on our workout…

A woman laying in bed with her hair covering her face from twising and turening through the night due to her insomnia.
Toss and Turn No More: How Massage Can Fight Insomnia and Get You the Rest You Need

Does massage impact sleep and sleep quality? Research (and our well-rested regulars) say yes! As…

A man in a suit with his face blurred out to demonstrate brain fog.
Chronic Brain Drain: What’s Really Going on When You Have “Brain Fog” – and 4 Reasons it Might Be Happening

Misplacing your keys once in a while is normal. Constantly feeling like you’ve misplaced your…

A person undergoing acupuncture to help relieve their back pain.
Back Pain Won’t Quit? Time to Try Acupuncture.

While 80 percent of Americans will experience back pain at some point in their lives,…