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Is Drinking Wine Good for Your Health? The French Paradox

Is Drinking Wine Good for Your Health? The French Paradox

It’s one of the unfair facts of life: many of the things we love to do, like binging TV shows or eating french fries, are not good for our bodies. At the same time, performing healthy actions are very often strenuous and difficult – for example, many more people have gym memberships than actually use them.

Fortunately, the universe is merciful, and there are a few precious things that are healthy, enjoyable, and easy to access on-demand. One of them, of course, is massage therapy (you can read about just a few of the many health benefits of massage on the Pause blog). Another is wine. At Zeel, we’re all about sustainable and enjoyable wellness, which is why we’re such big fans of moderate wine consumption, and convenient methods of wine delivery.

So what are the health benefits of wine?

First of all, the health benefits of wine come from moderate consumption. That means about four ounces, representing a glass of wine with dinner, for example. Drinking a bottle of wine does not magically quadruple these health benefits – in fact, it negates them (aside from making you drunk).

According to a slew of scientific studies, moderate wine consumption has health benefits ranging from reducing the frequency of heart attacks, to slowing brain decline, to extending lifespan, to lowering the risk of colon cancer by 45 percent. Red wine in particular contains compounds like resveratrol, which has been shown to protect and improve the heart and circulatory system. If you really want to get specific about your red wine-related wellness, one study suggests that you should opt for pinot noir.

What about rosé wine?

Red wine is delicious, but it’s not everyone’s first choice. For one, some people find its tannins bitter, or even headache-inducing. Rosé wine can be a good alternative option. It’s made with the resveratrol-containing skins of red grapes, so you still get the health benefits of drinking red wine. Additionally, rosé tends to be lower in alcohol than other wine variants, which means you can feel justified in pouring yourself an extra ounce or two of that pink-hued delight.

So does that mean I shouldn’t drink white wine?

Good news for chardonnay fans. Studies show that white wine may be just as healthy as red wine – it just works in a slightly different way. White wine may lack the reddish resveratrol compounds, but it may be higher in antioxidants. White wine, like red wine, can control blood sugar and even improve sleep quality.

Can I be extra-healthy by combining wine and massage?

You can indeed mix wine and massage – but again, moderation is key. A glass of wine pre-massage is fine, but massage therapists won’t work with you if you’ve had too much to drink before a massage. Intoxication works against the benefits of getting a massage. To be totally safe, sip your glass of Rioja (or grape of your choice) after your massage, not beforehand.

Can I get the same wine health benefits by drinking grape juice?

Well, while drinking grape juice may be an option for getting your resveratrol (especially if you’re under 21), scientists believe that wine has more wellness power than mere grape juice. The superiority of wine over grape juice for health reasons may be due to fermentation, as well as a relative lack of sugar in the wine.

Long story short, feel free to start or expand your wine collection, or join a wine club – remember, you’re doing it for your health!


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