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Stacy Goodman is an award-winning digital marketer and currently the Director of Digital Marketing & eCommerce for Night Shift Brewing. Previously, she was the Head of Content for Curalate and Content & Social Media Editor for Zeel.

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Chinese Medicine 101: What You Need to Know About Gua Sha

Not long ago, Dr. Oz touted gua sha as a viable means of treatment for everything from digestive problems to back pain. Here we explore this traditional modality.

Ask the Expert: What’s the Value of a Qualified Massage Therapist?

Massage continues to transition from luxury to lifestyle ally.

Expert Q&A: The Proper Pilates Breathing Method

Breathe easy. Zeel Pilates experts explain the idea behind using your breath during Pilates.

Bodywork Breakthrough: Massage is the New Advil

Massage isn’t just a luxury anymore; Today, it’s an important part of health and wellness.

Q&A: Can Massage Help Manage Stress and Depression?

Massage is earning a name for itself as more than just a feel-good service. Today, it’s a viable means of relief.

Make foam rolling a regular part of your fitness routine. (Your muscles will thank you sooner than later!)
5 Reasons to Start Using a Foam Roller

Foam rollers are a must-have in any athlete’s toolbox. Yoga instructor, Zeel Expert and foam roller advocate Melissa Gutierrez tells us why.

Strengthen Your Back With Pilates

We turn to Pilates Experts and good old-fashioned science to find out how these dynamic movements bolster your back muscles.