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Zeel’s Massage On Demand now in Norfolk and Virginia Beach

Zeel’s Massage On Demand now in Norfolk and Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach with whale

What do you think of when you think of Virginia?  For a relatively small state, geographically, Virginia punches well above its weight in population (it’s the 12th-largest in the country) and history. (Four of the five first presidents, including numero uno George Washington, were from Virginia.) Virginia is home to many interesting cities that are great places to live or visit, including two of the newest cities for Zeel’s in-home massage delivery service, Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

Why else are these cities (and the state of Virginia) notable?

Cool things about Norfolk

  • It’s home to the largest naval base in the world.
  • The city hosts NATO’s base in North America.
  • Norfolkians usually don’t pronounce the “R” in the city name. (They’re not insulting you.)

Cool things about Virginia Beach

  • Virginia Beach is the largest city in Virginia.
  • It has the longest “tourist beach” in the Americas, at nearly 20 miles.
  • Some of the original English settlers landed in Virginia Beach back in the 17th century, creating the first permanent English settlement, Jamestown.

Cool things about the state of Virginia

  • It has arguably the best state nickname, the Old Dominion.
  • The state was named after Queen Elizabeth I, the so-called “virgin queen”.
  • Its state university, the University of Virginia, was founded (and designed) by Thomas Jefferson.
  • About a quarter of all Virginians work for the U.S. government –  it does border Washington D.C.

There are many reasons to be proud of Virginia, and it’s even better now that the best massage on demand company, has arrived in Norfolk, VA and nearby city Virginia Beach.

Why is Zeel the best massage choice in Virginia?

Zeel is available seven days a week, 365 days a week, throughout the greater Norfolk and Virginia Beach areas. And yes, that includes holidays.

Speaking of reliable – Zeel really delivers. We’re the most reliable on-demand massage company. We make sure that we bring you the massage you want to your home, hotel, or office, at the time you choose, as early as 8 am and as late as 10:30 pm. It doesn’t help if you can easily book on a massage app if your massage doesn’t actually arrive.

Another reason to book your massage in Norfolk or Virginia Beach (or both) with Zeel: a massage booked on the app is a great value. Zeel offers a massage from a licensed, vetted therapist – with tip included. That’s the equivalent of a fancy spa massage, without the need to have cash on hand. The price you see is what you pay.

Zeel offers more than in-home massage – we’re your best resource for massage in Virginia Beach hotels and Norfolk offices – and vice versa. Or give someone the gift of an in-home massage with a Zeel massage certificate – sent instantly online.

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