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Zeel Launches the Zeel Shield™ Program to Protect Providers, Clients, and their Communities

Zeel Launches the Zeel Shield™ Program to Protect Providers, Clients, and their Communities

Zeel Shield

To ensure the efficacy of prevention efforts nationwide while delivering much-needed wellness services, Zeel has launched a comprehensive system of protocols and oversight to guide our return to health and wellness for all.

Safety, wellness, and trust have always been at the heart of what connects us to Zeel. The current pandemic has only emphasized the critical importance of ensuring the health and security of providers and customers on the Zeel platform. 

We’ve put a name to our commitment to our community’s health and wellness.  

Meet Zeel Shield.

Zeel Shield is a comprehensive program of health, safety, and hygiene guidelines for providers and clients, as well as rigorous analysis of the constantly developing research and data around COVID-19 and its ramifications. Zeel Shield’s key pillars include:

  • A thorough safety policy checklist for providers and customers 
  • A daily wellness check for providers on the Zeel platform, built into Zeel’s Provider App
  • A comprehensive safety policy based on state, local, federal, and CDC guidelines, as well as recommendations from leading industry organizations such as Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals
  • A COVID-19 task force consisting of highly qualified professionals in the medical field and senior members of our own Trust & Safety team
  • Easily accessible resources for clients and providers on service availability by state, updated regularly

In addition to our in-home services, Zeel works with over 3,000 businesses nationwide through our Zeel@Work and Zeel Hospitality divisions. Zeel Shield includes additional steps to protect both the wellness providers and anyone in these environments with whom they come into contact.

For our valued corporate clients we are working closely with Human Resources executives to develop workplace guidelines that maximize the safety of our in-office services. We applaud the leadership of the International Spa Association and are crafting a blueprint for the new “normal” in hospitality, so our 400+ spa and hotel partners nationwide can resume business with renewed confidence in their clients’ satisfaction and safety.

We are proud to work alongside all our colleagues in the health and wellness industry to ensure a safe return to the services we know so many people need and deserve—and we are motivated to deliver those wellness services with more dedication than ever.

Alison Harmelin, Co-Founder

Zeel is committed to not just meeting but exceeding industry standards of safety and hygiene to ensure the health and wellness of every participant in the Zeel platform—our valued clients, our exceptional providers, and our own employees. We have diligently worked with our internal team of industry and medical experts to establish these best-in-practice protocols.

To find out more about Zeel Shield, contact Zeel at

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