About Zeel

At Zeel, we’re delighted to connect you to the best massages 365 days a year, in as little as an hour.


Our Promise

As The Massage Experts®, our goal is for you to get the best massage wellness experience at the time and place you want – in as little as an hour. At Zeel, our promise to you is:


Therapists on the Zeel network deliver the benefits of massage wellness to your door every day of the year, for start times as early as 8:00am and as late as 10:30pm. You can book a same day massage for as little as an hour from now or up to a month in advance – whatever works for your schedule. Get your “massage near me” at a moment’s notice to your home, office, hotel, or other event.


Select your favorite massage technique (Swedish massage, sports massage, deep tissue massage, or prenatal massage), therapist gender preference, massage length, and location. If you want to share Zeel or perhaps gift Zeel, we also offer couples massages and back-to-back massages. Don’t wait until Valentine’s Day or an anniversary to think of a couples massage – after all, a massage gift certificate is welcome any time of year.


The massage therapists on the Zeel platform are the best in the industry. They are licensed, insured, and experienced, as well as vetted by the Zeel team in person. The massage therapists are chosen for their excellence and commitment to achieve the highest levels of customer service and massage wellness. You receive a five-star, spa-quality massage each time you book with us.


Zeel has best-in-class security and safety procedures for both our customers and our massage therapists. Not only does Zeel vet all therapists in the network, we also ask our customers to ID verify in a legitimate, non-spoofable way. Even today, many on-demand companies don’t verify customer identity at all, or simply require a link to a social media platform (which can easily be faked). Zeel, on the other hand, partners with cutting-edge third party verification companies to provide truly top-notch safety and peace of mind for both massage therapists and Zeel customers.


You will get a fair price that automatically adds tax and tip. This way, you’re never left wondering what to tip for a massage or what a massage costs at the end of the day. We also created the only in-home monthly massage membership which allows massage devotees further reduced pricing on massages (plus many other perks). At Zeel, we’re all about rewarding massage wellness, and we truly appreciate it when customers keep coming back.


Massage therapists bring a massage table and needed supplies directly to your location. In addition, Zeel’s dedicated customer service team is standing by at all times via text, phone, and email to answer any question or meet any need. With us, massage wellness is effortless.


We ensure that the wonderful massage therapists in our network receive twice or more the average rate at a spa and that they retain complete control over their schedules. Happy therapists = better massages = satisfied customers. It's the massage wellness trifecta.

Massage Wellness

Booking with Zeel is booking massage wellness. We deliver healing to our customers for what ails them - from injuries, to chronic health conditions, to joint and neck pain, to stress relief. Zeel's massage wellness is there where you need it, when you need it to get you truly feeling your best.

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