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Meg Ryan Anti-Aging Treatments

Collagen injections

Eighty percent of human skin consists of collagen protein. So the more collagen, the better the skin, right? That's why collagen injections became popular so quickly when they were first introduced. Today, collagen injections are far and few. With the advent of newer, longer-lasting injectable fillers, collagen is quickly on the outs.


Juvederm is one of the most popular facial fillers. Like others of its ilk, it's largely composed of hyaluronic acid. Juvederm Ultra is designed to smooth shallow lines, while Juvederm Ultra Plus is thick enough for deeper wrinkles and facial folds. Both are available with lidocaine added to decrease discomfort.


Restylane is a very popular injectable based on hyaluronic acid, used for erasing wrinkles and adding fullness to depleted areas of the face. With almost immediate results (with improvements becoming more obvious over time), fine furrows and folds can be masked with Restylane injections.


Daily downward-dogging can slim, stretch, and tone every limb, ligament, bone, and muscle of the body.