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Julia Roberts Anti-Aging Treatments


Botox is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the country, and for good reason - it offers effective, moderately long-lasting wrinkle elimination with relatively few side effects and risks. Botox can be injected near the mouth, chin, neck, forehead creases and crow's feet (the wrinkles that fan out on the corner of your eyes).

Collagen injections

Eighty percent of human skin consists of collagen protein. So the more collagen, the better the skin, right? That's why collagen injections became popular so quickly when they were first introduced. Today, collagen injections are far and few. With the advent of newer, longer-lasting injectable fillers, collagen is quickly on the outs.


Pilates uses resistance training and a rotation of 500 exercises to work the body's midsection, improve muscle tone, balance, coordination, posture, and mental focus.


Daily downward-dogging can slim, stretch, and tone every limb, ligament, bone, and muscle of the body.