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Jessica Simpson Anti-Aging Treatments

Thai Massage

A good massage can feel like a long, relaxing stretch. The Thai massage actually combines these two sensations, melding deep tissue massaging with relaxing stretches that take the form of yogic poses.


Restylane is a very popular injectable based on hyaluronic acid, used for erasing wrinkles and adding fullness to depleted areas of the face. With almost immediate results (with improvements becoming more obvious over time), fine furrows and folds can be masked with Restylane injections.

Laughter yoga (hasya yoga)

If laughter is the best medicine, then a dose of Laughter Yoga might be just what the doctor ordered.

Private personal training

South Beach Diet

While some diets eliminate carbohydrates altogether, and others remove every last drop of fat, the South Beach Diet does neither. The South Beach Diet seeks to simply replace "bad" carbs and fats with ones that are "good" for you.