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Elizabeth Hurley Anti-Aging Treatments


Dysport is the Pepsi to Botox's Coke. Though it's been in use outside the United States for quite a while, Dysport has recently entered the United States marketplace to challenge Botox's dominance. Dysport treats glabellar lines (vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows) with great success. Reports suggest that Dysport may be more successful than Botox for treating crow's feet.


Botox is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the country, and for good reason - it offers effective, moderately long-lasting wrinkle elimination with relatively few side effects and risks. Botox can be injected near the mouth, chin, neck, forehead creases and crow's feet (the wrinkles that fan out on the corner of your eyes).


Microdermabrasion—or "microderms," as they're known in the trade—use abrasives like hard crystals or diamonds to peel off the top layer of skin. They're a mild but essential part of many women's skin upkeep. Skin tone and texture can improve after several treatments, though for the best results, try five to 12 sessions spaced two to three weeks apart.

Collagen injections

Eighty percent of human skin consists of collagen protein. So the more collagen, the better the skin, right? That's why collagen injections became popular so quickly when they were first introduced. Today, collagen injections are far and few. With the advent of newer, longer-lasting injectable fillers, collagen is quickly on the outs.


Restylane is a very popular injectable based on hyaluronic acid, used for erasing wrinkles and adding fullness to depleted areas of the face. With almost immediate results (with improvements becoming more obvious over time), fine furrows and folds can be masked with Restylane injections.

Blood Type Diet

The Blood Type Diet proposes that an individual's blood type affects how efficiently food is processed once it enters the body. According to the diet, the types of foods you eat—whether flora or fauna—are digested differently depending on whether you are type A, B, AB or O.