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Zumba fuses aerobic movements with musical beats like salsa and meringue.

I have two total knee replacements, would doing the Zumba be too much stress on them?

Melissa Erliech (Lakemoor, IL) on Nov 9, 2011
You should definitely consult with your orthopedic surgeon to learn about any possible limitations on your activities after your surgery. I personally have had 2 ACL replacements and was told that after 6 months of rehab I would be able to resume some activity and 1 year after surgery I would be released for full activity. You really need to consult your surgeon.
Bill Ross (Littleton, CO) on Nov 9, 2011
If you have had all of your rehabilitation training then you should be fine. I would just start slow. In other words don't do any hard stomps or jumps. Always remember you control the intensity of how hard you work in any class.
James Weaver (Milford, CT) on Nov 9, 2011
This depends on how long ago you had the total knee replacement. If it was just recently done then I would not recommend doing Zuma or any activity where there would be a lot of running or jumping. The best thing for you to do is swimming or golfing, there are no jarring on your joints. Make sure you are getting physical therapy. You also need to strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee replacements. When you have fully recovered from the surgery, I would still only recommend that you stick with low impact aerobics like pilates or yoga.
Paul Seidelson (Columbia, SC) on Nov 9, 2011
Unless you really enjoy doing Zumba, I recommend resistance training, followed by interval style cardio on a treadmill, recombent bike or eliptical trainer. In my opinion Zumba would involve too much risk for your knees and the sustained steady state cardio workout increases oxidative stress on your body.
Frank DeJesus (Englewood Cliffs, NJ) on Nov 9, 2011
It might be if you haven't done strength training and core training.
Linda Copeland (Dunkirk, MD) on Nov 9, 2011
I teach Zumba in my area, so maybe I can help. This is a question you need to ask your physician, preferably your orthopedist. If s/he is unfamiliar with Zumba, tell the doctor you plan to do a moderate-to-high impact aerobics class. There are a lot of twisting & turning moves in most Zumba classes, so you'll need to be sure your knees are up to the task. Be sure your knees are thoroughly healed. That said, I've trained people with "bionic knees"; before, and once your surgery is healed, you will most likely be fine to do whatever you did before the surgery-- but I can't make that call, only your doctor can. Not all Zumba classes are alike, so once your doctor clears you, check out a few different instructors and find one whose style suits you. In addition, Zumba has several different specialty versions, such as Zumba Gold (lower impact, suitable for seniors but not limited to seniors!) Zumba Toning, and Aqua Zumba. If you do a search for classes on the Zumba web site,, you should be able to find some options in your area. Water exercise is often recommended for people with joint issues, so Aqua Zumba might be a good fit for you. I'd recommend that you do Zumba on a floor that has some "give" to it, such as an aerobics floor, as opposed to tile-over-concrete or carpet. Depending on the floor, your shoes may need to have more or less cushion, more or less traction. Ask the instructor what works best in the place where you're attending class, and follow his/her recommendations. Old or worn shoes will only cause you problems, no matter WHAT type of exercise you're doing, so pay attention to your shoes- they are like tires for your feet! Hope that helps! Check with your doc, do things safely, and ENJOY your Zumba class!
Jessica Riley (Coeur D Alene, ID) on Mar 24, 2012
It would with all the turning as well try it in the water there is Water Zumba!
Doug Larsen (Hopkins, MN) on Mar 18, 2012
I would caution Zumba or any class in general. This is because of the overall tempo of the class. It is important to know that not all instructors teach the same way. Some are fast and high tempo while others may be a bit slower. Creating a specific exercise plan to strengthen some of these weekend muscles from surgery would be a more practical approach. Eventually work yourself up to take some classes :)
Franklin Antoian (Delray Beach, FL) on Dec 10, 2011
Usually woth knee replacements, you can do most types of activities. See your doctor for a list of what you can/cannot do first.
Corey Gill (Glendale, AZ) on Dec 10, 2011
consult with your doctoror surgeon, but zumba should be safe for you. It is low impact so it should not stress your knees.
Rolland Cheng (North Brunswick, NJ) on Dec 5, 2011
Yes. However zumba is something that you can build up to.
Ashlie Sykora (Bellevue, NE) on Nov 15, 2011
I would discuss that with your physician of course. I have personally worked with a woman with one total knee replacement in the past year. We worked one on one for a bit post physical therapy, to increase support and strength in the joint; but now she participates in Zumba on a 2-3/week basis and loves it. ALWAYS listen to your body, there are ways to modify to allow yourself to participate on a level your body is comfortable with, even if at times, it's just shaking that tush!