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Zerona is a laser treatment that transforms the fat contained inside cells into liquid.

Zerona Side Effects

Zerona has no known side effects.

Who shouldn't use it: Individuals who cannot commit to a healthy lifestyle are not good candidates for Zerona. The procedure demands strict adherence to a healthy diet and a moderate exercise regiment to keep the cells from re-filling with fat.

Though the lasers are low level, they can nevertheless interact adversely with pacemakers and can cause fetal defects in pregnant women. Women who have given birth should wait six weeks before using Zerona. Zerona is safe for individuals with diabetes and thyroid disorders, but the procedure may not be as effective.

Drawbacks: Zerona is a new procedure in the field of body contouring. There is little long-term evidence of its efficacy. Zerona is not effective on everyone and takes several weeks or months to work, so it's not a good method for dropping 10 pounds overnight.

Recovery Time For Zerona

There are no reported side effects associated with Zerona. In fact, while many procedures will keep you immobile for days, Zerona actually encourages post-procedure physical activity, like hitting the gym.

After care for Zerona: Proper hydration is essential during the course of Zerona treatment. Drink 10 glasses of water daily, and avoid alcohol and caffeinated liquids. Hydration helps the body shed liquified fat.

It is also crucial to stick to the Zerona treatment schedule. Skipping an appointment is not recommended because this gives your fat the opportunity to reoccupy the cells.

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