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Zerona is a laser treatment that transforms the fat contained inside cells into liquid.

Before You Go

Questions to ask your doctor: Why Zerona and not Zeltiq?

Pre-procedure prep for Zerona: Hydrating your body before Zerona may help accelerate the fat reduction process. You may also increase your fiber intake.

On the day of treatment: Stay hydrated on the day of your scheduled Zerona session, and continue to drink plenty of water. A simple prep for a seemingly simple process.

What To Expect

The Zerona device looks like a vertical metal pole with five arm-like extensions protruding from the top, each tipped by an infrared light. The Zerona laser is painless despite its resemblance to a futuristic robotic assassin. The laser never physically comes into contact with the skin. Each Zerona session takes 40 minutes—20 on the front and 20 on the back of the body.

Zerona can remove two to eight inches from the body's circumference, which amounts to as much as four sizes. On average, patients see a loss of 3.62 inches. Just remember that this loss is total Zerona-caused fat loss—all the weight isn't necessarily lost in one area, so results may not appear dramatic.

Who should do it: If you're interested in Zerona for body contouring, speak with a board certified physician.

Duration: The defattening treatments span over a two-week period, divided into six separate sessions. Each session should be scheduled within 72 hours from the previous one. An appointment consists of lolling on a table for 40 minutes beneath a laser.

How Painful Is It?

The treatment is not painful, though the pinching of fat bulges may be slightly uncomfotable.

Options for anesthesia: No anesthesia is needed.

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