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Zeltiq (CoolSculpting)

Zeltiq is a method of reducing fat by literally freezing it away.

Before You Go

Questions to ask your doctor:

  • If I'm unhappy with the results of Zeltiq, can I be treated with the device again?
  • If I've been treated with other body contouring devices in the past, am I still eligible to test out Zeltiq?

Pre-procedure prep for Zeltiq (CoolSculpting): If your Zeltiq appointment is rapidly approaching, worry not - there is nothing special you should be doing in preparation for the big chill.

On the day of treatment: You won't need to change your day around too much for your Zeltiq session. Other than showing up for your appointment, Zeltiq is a low-maintenance process.

What To Expect

Zeltiq sandwiches your unwanted fat between two cooling panels with gel patchces placed inside them. The flesh is then cooled. The frozen fat cells then break down and are re-absorbed by the body in time. Your skin may be red or sore after your Zeltiq session.

Who should do it: The first doctors in the U.S. performing Zeltiq for fat reduction were doing so as part of clinical trials. Now the manufacturer is selling the device to other physicians as well. Yours should be board certified and completely capable of handling body shaping procedures.

Duration: The procedure lasts about an hour per area you treat - the time required to ensure cell damage. The total duration of the treatment may be about two hours.

How Painful Is It?

Patients have described a numbing sensation, which usually occurs shortly after the procedure begins (Zeltiq is, after all, FDA-approved for pain relief). One patient in a clinical trial had to withdraw because of the pain; most other recipients, however, describe CoolSculpting as less painful than hair waxing.

Options for anesthesia: Zeltiq does not require the use of an anesthetic.

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