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Daily downward-dogging can slim, stretch, and tone every limb, ligament, bone, and muscle of the body.

I have rotator cuff tendinitis that flares up when I take a class back-to-back days? Do you think I am doing anything wrong or should avoid certain poses?

Archarya Girish Jha (Marlboro, NJ) on Oct 8, 2011
Dear Sir the problem refers and rather indicates that tendons are either torn or overused. anything that is torn or overused can only healed if rested. Please avoid all stretching related to shoulder joints until problem is managed. according to Ayurveda intake of turmeric - raw or powder with hot milk before sleeping will help relieve the pain and manage even the torn tendons. lastly , if i could have personal meeting , i can also suggest some practices that will help relieve you from the issue Thanks Acharya Girish Jha
Laura Plumb (San Diego, CA) on Oct 7, 2011
If your Yoga practice is giving you an injury, then yes, something is wrong. Perhaps it is nothing more than friction on an already injured shoulder. But maybe you developed the tendinitis directly from your practice. It is difficult to know by your question. But either way, the very best thing you could is to do less. If it works for you to take classes every other day without getting that flare-up, please do that until the tendinitis calms and heals. I am sure you are already icing the shoulder after exercise. Be sure you are regular with that. Meanwhile, find someone who can teach you exact and proper alignment for your shoulders while you are in poses like Plank, Downward-facing Dog, Cobra, and Upward-facing Dog. Most important of all keep your elbows in and your shoulder blades towards each other and together towards the hips as you move through the Vinyasas.