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Daily downward-dogging can slim, stretch, and tone every limb, ligament, bone, and muscle of the body.

Does yoga have cardiovascular benefits?

Archarya Girish Jha (Marlboro, NJ) on Oct 8, 2011
Dear Sir there are over 1000 studies done during the last 25 years that suggest the following 1. improved cardio vascular functioning 2. management of hypertension 3. effective management of heart rate variability 4. reduced stress 5. balancing ANS that also improves cardio vascular functioning Authentic Yoga Tradition is a consciousness based approach science that can help manage cardio vascular problems effectively either adunctively or alternaitvely depending upon the problems and its severity Thanks Acharya Girish jha
Laura Plumb (San Diego, CA) on Oct 7, 2011
Is this a real question? Yoga Asanas are designed to open, increase and optimize the flow of life energy throughout the body. Given that this vital life force is circulated throughout the body by the heart, otherwise known as the cardiovascular organ, The prime sequence in the Yoga tradition Surya Namaskar is a beautiful, flowing series of poses that will that enhances circulation. You could also take a standing pose and hold it for 10-15 breaths to increase your heart rate. The breathing we do in Yoga encourages the parasympathetic nervous system which helps restore the heart, its rhythms and functions. The cleansing action of Yoga poses helps reduce plaque, cholesterol and the general toxic load on the heart which further enhances cardiovascular function. Yoga's resting and cooling poses allows the heart to mend and strengthen. One of my clients is a highly successful Extreme Sports Athlete. In between his Mega-athalons and crazy race schedule, we practice Yoga together. He has found that his recovery rate has improved significantly since coming to Yoga, primarily he believes, because of its cardiovascular benefits. Finally, Yoga increases awareness. Increased awareness helps us making the right lifestyle choices to maximize our health, happiness and purpose. Yoga's benefits are innumerable. Enjoy!
Isabelle Du Soleil (Venice, CA) on Sep 22, 2011
Yes, Yoga does have cardiovascular benefits, particularly the flow Yoga and the Kundalini Yoga approaches such as Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Kundalini Yoga. Yoga does build strength and stamina. Continuous deep breathing in Yoga enhance blood circulation and increase the oxygen amount in the bloodstream, heart, all organs and body in general. In the flow Yoga practice which is a more dynamic and challenging approach, breath links to movement in a continuous way like a dance. The Yoga postures or asanas are woven together in a flowing practice which builds inner heat & sweat increasing the heart rate at a steady faster pace during most of the class. Often, the room is heated adding more heat to the body. Sun Salutations used as a warm up the first 20 or 30 minutes of a class, are a good example of the purifying and activating benefits of Yoga on the cardiovascular system. The cool down end part of a class will recondition and pacify the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Think of it as the yang and the yin benefits of Yoga. Kundalini Yoga unique cardiovascular benefits are based on the activated Sat kharma breathing techniques such as the breath of fire or Kapalabhati and the rhythmic repetitions of movements or Kriyas linked with breath and mantras, for example, standing on your feet with your arms up to the sky, hands together, you turn your torso to one side and to other and so on for 10 minutes. Yes, yoga will definitively boots your cardiovascular system and create a blissful experience.