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Waxing is a temporary way to remove hair from the body.

Waxing Cost

Cost is often based on the reputation of the venue. For a small area of hair like the upper lip or eyebrows, waxing can be as cheap as $8, while waxing on larger areas, like the legs, back or bikini line, can cost as much as $100. Men are sometimes charged more than women.

How to get waxing: Hard wax tends to be gentler and less likely to rip off the top layer of skin. Soft wax is quicker though more likely to tear the skin. Seek out products that are as natural as possible, eschewing chemicals and odors.

Waxing Prices

Name Location Price
Renata Bateman, LE 25 Gibbs St.
Rochester, NY 14607
(0.00 mi. away)
Robin Clark, LE 62 Corporate Park
Ste. 120
Irvine, CA 92606
(0.00 mi. away)
Danielle Cole, LE 3175 Appalachian Hwy.
Ste. 8
Jacksboro, TN 37757
(0.00 mi. away)

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