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Vitamin K

Named for the German word for clotting - "koagulation" - vitamin K is responsible for enabling your blood to clot, ensuring you don't bleed out from a paper cut or cat scratch.

Is vitamin K vastly different that vitamin K2?

Rika Keck (New York, NY) on Sep 2, 2011
Terrific question. Vitamin K is very misunderstood today, however, more research is coming out regarding Vit.K Regarding the question: Vitamin K is comprised of Vit. K 1 and Vit K2. K1 is found in the green tissues of plants and is associated conjunction with the chlorophyll. When animals eat the plants, they convert the plant K1 into K2 as it appears to be a more bio-available form for the animal. This conversion is being studied today and it makes a strong case of the need to consume free range animal proteins.(Vitamin K2 is essential for growth and the mammary glands in the animal play a large role in this conversion.) Vitamin K1 facilitates blood clotting. People who are on blood thinner medications including Coumadin/Warfarin and others, have dietary restrictions of vegetables with a higher vitamin K content. Now K2 is receiving more attention as a transporter of calcium into structural tissues eg. bones and teeth, away from soft tissues where it should not be deposited. Bone spurs, calcifications, hardening of blood vessel linings are all connected to an imbalance in the calcium metabolism. Each one is important and has a different role in our physiology. I hope this answers our question, Rika Keck FB: NY Integrated Health Twitter: 65Rika.