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Vitamin K

Named for the German word for clotting - "koagulation" - vitamin K is responsible for enabling your blood to clot, ensuring you don't bleed out from a paper cut or cat scratch.

Is vitamin K helpful to people who bruise easily ?

Peachy Seiden (Cincinnati, OH) on Sep 6, 2011
As we get older, we tend to bruise easily due to aging and weakening capillaries. Our skin becomes thinner with less of a fatty layer protecting the tiny blood vessels. Even a slight bump causes the capillaries under the skin to break, letting the blood leak onto the surrounding tissues, which causes the purplish blue color on the skin. Vitamin K’s main function is to help blood clots and stop bleeding. Vitamin K deficiency symptoms are related to increased bleeding: heavy menstruation, nose bleeds, bleeding gums and sometimes easy bruising. If you are Vitamin K deficient, supplements may help decrease your bruising. But if the bruising is caused by something else, taking additional Vitamin K will not help with the bruising. Some corticosteroids and blood thinning medications may also contribute to easy bruising.
Rika Keck (New York, NY) on Sep 6, 2011
Good question. Vitamin C complex with other bioflavonoids and vitamin K are helpful.I would recommend a whole food, organic supplement. The complex is important. Regular vitamin C is just the ascorbic acid part - make sure to get all the vitamin co-factors supplied in a whole food supplement.
Nicole Kerneen-Fasules (Milwaukee, WI) on Sep 6, 2011
Bruising is caused by the accumulation of blood in the space under the skin. When you are deficient in vitamin K, blood cannot clot as well. This may result in bruising by something as simple as pressing into your skin or by more severe bruising by bumping into something that would normally cause a small bruise. In addition to bruising, vitamin K deficiency may manifest as bleeding of the nose and gums or blood in urine or stool. Deficiency is rare in healthy adults, as vitamin K is common in foods and the body conserves vitamin K very efficiently. Deficiency is usually found during treatment with vitamin K antagonists such as warfarin or in those with liver disease. Vitamin K is found in green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, kale and lettuce. Oils including olive, soy and canola also contain vitamin K. Vitamin K should only be used to treat frequent bruising under medical supervision to maintain proper dosage and eliminate other possible causes.