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Vitamin D

The chief role of vitamin D is to facilitate calcium absorption and build bone density.

My doctor has started me on 50,000 units of vitamin d, one time per week. Is this amount too much? Thanks! Joyce

Gretchen Scalpi (Beacon, NY) on Sep 22, 2011
Hello Joyce, Normally this would be an extremely large dose of Vitamin D, however, your doctor has likely determined that your vitamin D level is too low. When 50,000 units are prescribed in this manner, it is considered a therapeutic dose, meant to correct a vitamin D deficiency. You will probably stay on this dose for a short while, and then your doctor repeats your Vitamin D test to see where you are at. If the Vitamin D has come up to normal range, you will stop high dosage and go on a maintenance dosage, perhaps 1000-2000 units daily. I hope this answer is helpful. Gretchen Scalpi, RD, CDE Nutrition and Wellness Coach