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Vitamin B complex

Vitamin B complex refers to a family of eight chemically diverse vitamins that work together and complement one another.

What Vitamin B Complex Does For The Body

Different B vitamins help to regulate the nervous system. While some enhance the adrenal glands and hormones in the body, others ensure proper brain function.

Vitamin B complex also promotes the growth of strong skin, hair and nails. When obtained in food form (as opposed to supplement), vitamin B complex has been linked to reducing the risk of pancreatic cancer.

What happens if you don't have enough vitamin B complex: B vitamins energize the body, meaning that a lack of these nutrients can result in fatigue. Deplete the body for too long, and this could turn to chronic fatigue.

Vitamin B deficiency can also generate feelings of depression, stress and anxiety. Cosmetically, it can lead to dry or ashen skin, acne, rashes, weak hair and nails, and premature wrinkles.

What happens if you have too much: Because vitamin B is soluble in water, excess amounts are typically eliminated naturally by the body (mainly through urination). Large doses of niacin, however, can have toxic effects, causing a decrease in blood pressure as well as dizziness and digestive problems.

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