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VelaShape is one of the few treatments that may help reduce cellulite.

Sample Prices

  • La Jolla, CA: $250 per treatment area. Buy four and get the fifth free.
  • Oklahoma City, OK: $300 - $1,200 based on the size of the area
  • Louisville, KY: $450-$525 per treatment. $250 per treatment if six are purchased at one time.

VelaShape Cost

VelaShape is priced by the amount of areas you treat and the number of sessions required to effectively reduce your cellulite. Plan on four to six initial treatments, plus follow-up sessions every three months afterward (otherwise your cellulite will make an unwelcome return).

One VelaShape session costs from $150 to $1,000, the difference in price, being determined by your provider and the size of your treatment area. Smaller clusters of dimples can cost closer to $200, while treating both thighs could cost you much more. Other practices currently offering VelaShape will charge a flat fee for each area treated. (An "area" is typically one body part - so for example, both thighs are one area. Check with your provider, though!)

Though you can purchase one VelaShape appointment at a time, it is more cost-effective to purchase a package of treatments at a discounted price.