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VelaShape is one of the few treatments that may help reduce cellulite.

Before You Go

Questions to ask your doctor:

  • Can I do anything other than maintain a healthy diet and exercise program in between VelaShape treatments to accelerate cellulite removal?
  • Can I get VelaShape if I've had liposuction done previously?

Pre-procedure prep for VelaShape: It's best to avoid excess sun tanning, both natural and faux, two weeks prior to treatment. This includes tanning creams as well.

On the day of treatment: Shave the areas you're planning on treating to remove any excess hair. You'll want to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that won't restrict blood flow in the VelaShape-treated area.

What To Expect

Your skin may be pink and feel warm and tingly right after treatment.

Who should do it: See a certified physician who is certified to own and operate VelaShape.

Duration: VelaShape is completed during a 10- to 40-minute session.

How Painful Is It?

VelaShape is not painful. It can actually feel like a deep tissue massage. If you begin to feel a pinching sensation during your treatment, tell your doctor. This could mean the device is turned up too high.

Options for anesthesia: Anesthesia is not used with VelaShape.

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