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Vegans (as followers of veganism are called) shun all foods that are derived from animals. This includes not only meat and seafood, but also milk, butter, eggs and even honey.

Foods Encouraged In Veganism

Along with avoiding animal products, vegans typically gravitate toward healthy, organic foods: fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains. It might be vegan to eat potato chips all day, but this is not the vegan ideal.

Foods To Avoid

All animal-derived food is prohibited on a vegan diet. This includes "hidden" animal products such as gelatin, which is usually made with animal calcium. Meat, seafood, fish, eggs, milk, and honey are all prohibited.

Fortunately for vegans, the increasingly popularity of the diet means that there are reasonable substitutes for many verboten foods—non-dairy cheese and milk made with soy and seitan substitutes for meat. Alcohol is a vegan product.

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