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Vaser LipoSelection

Vaser LipoSelection is an ultrasonic based liposuction that removes stubborn fat cells while promoting collagen production.

By Zeel Editorial Staff, Last updated: May 18, 2020

Baggy sweaters may get you through New Years, but if you're singing "Auld Lang Syne," then resort season can't be too far away. All of a sudden, that second serving of Thanksgiving stuffing has stuffed its way into your thighs.

Vaser LipoSelection is an ultrasonic based liposuction that removes stubborn fat cells while promoting collagen production. The crossbred device combines vibrations with heat to dissolve a double chin-or whatever else ails you-and then tighten up the surrounding skin.

Vaser LipoSelection can remove the fat that bonds your thighs together (not to mention your other pudgy pitfalls) using vibrations to shake and break your fat into an oily liquid substance that can be easily suctioned out.

What It's Good For

Without a personal trainer and daily delivered meals, some fat rolls just won't respond to any number of pushups you grunt your way through. Vaser LipoSelection liquefies thigh, knee, abdomen, love handle, arm, chest, chin, breast, back, calf, ankle, buttock, hip, and neck fat. Then, it removes it.

Who it works for: Like traditional liposuction, the best candidate for Vaser LipoSelection is close to their desired weight but has unwanted pockets of Pilates-resistant fat. Patients should have strong muscle tone, good skin elasticity, and a positive outlook on diet and exercise.

Recommended age range: There is no age limit to get Vaser LipoSelection. Patients between 18 and 65 have been successfully treated with the device.

When will I see results?: Minor swelling persists for about one week. While fat loss is instantaneous, collagen production isn't quite as speedy. It can take six weeks for your skin to contract to its slimmer shape.

How long it lasts: Vaser LipoSelection may permanently remove fat from the treated area, but no device is magical enough to keep you from gaining weight in general. Diet and exercise can maintain your body's new shape, but if you do pack on a few pounds, it'll probably get tacked onto another area of the body.

Key benefits of Vaser LipoSelection: By melting the fat ahead of time, a greater amount can be removed in one sitting than with traditional liposuction, leaving less blood and bruises behind. In comparison to traditional liposuction, there may be a 53% improvement in skin retraction post-treatment with Vaser LipoSelection.

Licensed uses: Vaser LipoSelection is licensed for body contouring (not weight loss!) It was introduced to the market in 2001 and was approved by the FDA just a year later.

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