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Vascular laser

Vascular lasers are used to treat skin discolorations that result from overgrown blood vessels.

Vascular Laser Side Effects

Vascular lasers can leave a small bump on the skin that should naturally vanish within four hours. The treated area can appear red and, in a small number of cases, bruised. The blue-gray discoloration is called a purpura, and can last between five days and two weeks.

Who shouldn't use it: Individuals with a tendency to bleed excessively are not good candidates. Some vascular lasers may be unsafe for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, so check with your physician ahead of time to be sure. Do not treat an area with an active herpes infection.

Drawbacks: Not every laser can be used to treat every skin type. Though effective on existing lesions, the treatment may not be permanent for some conditions. Vascular lesions have a tendency to reemerge.

Recovery Time For Vascular Laser

There is no downtime for vascular laser therapy, meaning you can go about your daily routine immediately. Any post-treatment bumps should disappear within four hours.

After care for Vascular laser: Stay out of the sun. If new veins pop up or discolored patches return, a follow up treatment can be performed four to six weeks later.

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