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TRX trainer

TRX trainer straps provide a range of resistance levels, making the TRX a good tool for both experienced athletes and newbie gym-goers alike.

By Zeel Editorial Staff, Last updated: May 18, 2020

The TRX Suspension Trainer is a set of elastic resistance straps first devised in the late 1990s by former Navy Seal Randy Hetrick. Hetrick crafted the prototype of the apparatus out of an old parachute harness.

Benefits of TRX trainer: The portable straps can be hung from any sturdy platform to intensify basic exercises. There are two ways to exercise using the TRX trainer: Either strap your ankles into the stirrups or grip them with your hands.

Push-ups can be performed while your legs hover over the ground, for example. These controlled movements help to build muscle and improve balance.

Who TRX trainer is best for: The adjustable straps provide a range of resistance levels, making the TRX Suspension Trainer useful for individuals of all fitness levels. The TRX trainer can also be used in conjunction with other gym equipment, like stability balls and pull-up bars.

Ask a physical trainer for tips during your first go-around with the TRX.

Getting ready: Stretch first. Jogging can help loosen the muscles and increase blood flow before engaging in strenuous TRX exercises.

Calories burned: The number of calories burned will be determined by several factors, including the trainee's height, weight, gender, the kinds of exercises performed, and the amount of time spent using the TRX straps.

Celebrity Devotees

The TRX suspension system is popular among both actresses and athletes. Jennifer Lopez, Jaime Pressly and professional NBA baller Carmelo Anthony have all used the TRX system to work their muscles. Other famous ladies who train with the TRX straps are Dancing With the Stars contestant Audrina Patridge and the ultra-fit Cameron Diaz.


TRX training can result in muscle strains, sprains and general soreness.

Who shouldn't do it: Some trainers stress the importance of strengthening the core muscles before engaging in TRX exercises. That's because, according to these authorities, individuals with weak abdominal muscles will resort to using other muscles in the body for balance, and doing so can lead to muscle injury.

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