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Tracy Anderson Method

The Tracy Anderson Method workout is broken up into two segments. Half is dedicated to aerobic dance and the rest is reserved for strength training and stretching.

I have been having some sciatica while workout with the Tracy Anderson workouts. I enjoy them but how do i prevent this sciatica?

John McGuire (Brooklyn, NY) on Jul 13, 2011
There is a muscle just along the back of the hip known as the pirifomis. This muscle sits just above the glutes, and the sciatic nerve runs through it. If you were to stretch this muscle, it would relieve the sciatica for sure. I have done it with success to myself as well as for countless others. There are many stretches that are able to stretch the sciatic muscle that I could help you with.
Frank Baptiste (New York, NY) on Jul 13, 2011
Sciatica refers to the symptoms of pain felt in the lower back, buttock, and/or various parts of the leg and foot. While it is often caused by compression of lumbar nerves, many people experience sciatica-like symptoms simply from lack of flexibility and dysfunctional movement patterns. Often times your body is compensating for range of motion deficits at your hips. Inflexibility may cause your spinal stabilizers to act as primary movers, putting unnecessary stress on your low back. Incorporate dynamic flexibility drills like the Big 3, and soft tissue work such as foam rolling your glutes and piriformis. If you're still experiencing pain, check with your Chiropractor to see if the issue is structural rather than muscular.
Franklin Antoian (Delray Beach, FL) on Dec 10, 2011
Do not do any exercise that causes your sciatica to return. There are just some exercises you will not be able to do until you get your sciatica under control. Depending on the cause of sciatica, we can prescribe you some exercises to help. What is your cause?
James Weaver (Milford, CT) on Oct 28, 2011
If you know you have sciatica and what might cause your sciatica then I would not do the exercise that may bring on your sciatica. I don't know who Tracy Anderson is but I don't think it has anything to do with her or any other workouts from anyone else. It would have to do with the exercise itself. Now if her workouts are exercises that involve you having your sciatica then I would avoid those workouts. Sciatica can happen due to aging, herniated disk, inflamation of the Piriformis muscle, bad posture and lifting things improperly. I would also recommend that you see your doctor and get check out. Have your doctor tell you what workouts or exercises to do.