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Tickle Lipo

Tickle liposuction breaks down fat in a patient’s body using an infrasonic sound frequency (inaudible to humans).

Tickle Lipo Side Effects

Side effects are uncommon, but can include uneven contouring, skin rippling or loosening, nerve damage, irregular pigmentation, infection, clotting, fluid loss or accumulation and reactions to anesthesia or medication.

Who shouldn't use it: Tickle Lipo is not a substitute for weight loss. While it can help recontour the body, it cannot spur overall weight loss.

Drawbacks: Tickle lipo is not a weight loss technique, a common misconception that can lead to disappointment.

Recovery Time For Tickle Lipo

Depending on how much fat the patient opts to remove from their body, the recovery time for Tickle Lipo is approximately three to five days.

After care for Tickle Lipo: Patients are encouraged to continue normal activities after the procedure. However, do not soak in water - especially a hot tub - for at least a few days immediately afterward, and do not exercise or engage in strenuous activity for at least two weeks.

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