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Tickle Lipo

Tickle liposuction breaks down fat in a patient’s body using an infrasonic sound frequency (inaudible to humans).

Before You Go

Questions to ask your doctor

Pre-procedure prep for Tickle Lipo: Avoid blood thinning, anti-inflammatory medications, herb supplements, and habits (smoking) that increase your chances of bruising.

What To Expect

In the first few days following the procedure, it is common to experience some swelling, pain, bruising, or burning.

Who should do it: Tickle Lipo is invasive despite its cheery name, and it can only be performed by a licensed physician.

Duration: Tickle liposuction takes anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes, some of this time which is used to apply and activate local anesthesia.

How Painful Is It?

The whirling, vibrating action of the cannula tricks the nerves in the spinal cord into reducing pain messages to the brain. Patients have said that the cannula merely tickles, hence the name.

Options for anesthesia: Patients who opt for Tickle Lipo are given local anesthesia. If you have a low tolerance for pain, inform your physician so that you are properly sedated and prescribed narcotics.

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