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Thermage uses radiofrequency technology to stimulate the body's supply of collagen, thus smoothing out wrinkles and facial lines.

Thermage Side Effects

Though less than 1% of patients have reported cosmetic problems caused by Thermage, the treated area is susceptible to swelling, redness, burning, blistering, and scarring. Tingling and soreness are possible around the jaw line in the days that follow treatment. In a tiny minority (less than 0.2%) of cases, the skin is dented after treatment.

Who shouldn't use it: Thermage should not be applied on or near infected or broken skin. The procedure can be dangerous for anyone who has undergone eye surgery or laser treatment of the eye within six months of the procedure. Thermage is unsafe for those who use a pacemaker, have diabetes, are prone to tumors, and women who are pregnant.

Drawbacks: Some patients do not notice any improvements at all.

Recovery Time For Thermage

There is no significant recovery period. Most patients are able to resume their daily activities immediately following treatment. Any temporary redness or swelling should subside on its own, and makeup can be used in the meantime to conceal redness as soon as the procedure is complete.

After care for Thermage: The procedure can be undergone multiple times a year, although since the effects take up to six months to show, it makes little sense to book a Thermage treatment more than twice annually.

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