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Teeth whitening

There are a burgeoning number of teeth whitening treatments to choose from.

I have a decalcification on my front tooth. Will it stand out more if I bleach my teeth?

Elisa Mello (New York, NY) on Dec 21, 2011
Decalcification of teeth is not a good thing. Aside from the non-cosmetic appearance on teeth, it is unhealthy. The enamel of teeth need to be fully calcified with no white decalcified areas. Decalcified spots on teeth can possibly be reversed with proper treatments. With bleaching, decalcification areas will become more prominent temporarily. While the shade of the tooth will slowly stabilize, initially the white spots on teeth will be more obvious.
Michael Apa (New York, NY) on Dec 21, 2011
It will at first, but after the bleaching settles in, which takes about two days, it will make the white spot blend in much better. There is a way to remove some of the decalcification in the office which may be an alternative to bleaching.
Christopher Baer (Aurora, CO) on Dec 21, 2011
Initially, it will stand out more. As you continue on with the whitening process, it will tend to blend in more as the surrounding tooth structure whitens.
LaSaundra Estelle (New York, NY) on Dec 21, 2011
The whitening process will help mask the calcified area. The best process for this would be the in-office whitening and controlled long term with the take home whitening.
Brook Derenzy (Redmond, OR) on Dec 21, 2011
Generally speaking, decalcifications are white spots or patches, so when we whiten our patients' teeth, the white spots will become LESS noticeable. If the spots are brown, they may lighten somewhat with whitening, but ultimately you may require some direct composite bonding or porcelain veneers to mask the discoloration. However, whitening is a safe cosmetic option that I encourage my patients to undergo before any cosmetic procedures anyway. That way it is much easier to match the new brighter shade of your teeth to the new restorations that may be needed.
Amanda Seay (Mount Pleasant, SC) on Dec 21, 2011
When you whiten your teeth, the decalcification marks will whiten quicker than the rest of your teeth, making the color discrepancy more obvious for a few weeks. It will take your natural teeth longer to whiten but even then the quality of the white will be different. Though the decalcification marks will have a different quality of white compared to your natural teeth, whitening will help give it a better blend. You just have to be prepared that the decalcification marks will look more obvious for a short while.
Elaine Gorelik (Los Angeles, CA) on Dec 21, 2011
Usually decalcifications or white spots will become more obvious after bleaching.
Aly Sergie (Dallas, TX) on Dec 21, 2011
It depends on how the decalcification first appeared on the tooth. The two most common causes for decalcification are: An acidic environment around an orthodontic bracket during braces or During teeth development Bleaching will cause the decalcification due to teeth development to become brighter than the tooth. If your teeth whiten significantly - the decalcification does not appear as bright. The good news is - there are very easy, inexpensive and painless options to make your teeth look very nice and natural when it comes to teeth whitening. MOST IMPORTANTLY - get treated by a dentist who does ALOT of teeth whitening and who uses a professional grade camera so you can judge the results before and after.
Leonard Tau (Philadelphia, PA) on Dec 21, 2011
In most cases, when you whiten your teeth and you have white spots those spots will stick our even more than before. If you whiten with Zoom definitely get whitening trays to help even out the colors.
Inna Shimanovsky (Oregon City, OR) on Dec 21, 2011
If your decalcification is white, then whitening your teeth may make it not as obvious. However, if your decalcification is yellow or brown, whitening will make it stand out more.
Les Latner (Los Angeles, CA) on Dec 30, 2011
It may stand out more. When this has happened to my patients, as they continue to whiten their teeth, the color difference tends to decrease and blend in more. Les Latner, DDS