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Tattoo removal

When the petals on your inky daisy begin to wilt, you can erase the dyes that you once thought were permanent. All it takes is the flip of a Q-switched laser.

Who should do it: Lasers can only be owned and operated by licensed professionals. Dermatologists must be board certified, though some states allow nurses to perform the procedure under the supervision of a medical doctor.

Duration: Tattoo removal is permanent, but the procedure doesn't always remove every speck of color. It's possible that ink remnants will linger on. That's because everyone reacts differently to tattoo removal.

But in general, a professional tattoo can be lightened or removed in six to 10 treatments, spaced six weeks apart. An amateur tattoo may take three to five treatments.

How Painful Is It?

Tattoo removal hurts. Thinner areas of skin, such as the throat, are especially sensitive. Numbing cream can and should be used ahead of time.

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