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Structural integration (including Rolfing)

Structural integration aligns, balances and lengthens the body by pressing into the connective tissues of the body and maneuvering them back into place.

Can Rolfing assist in relieving sciatic pain that worsens from constipation?

Minki Kim (Astoria, NY) on Jun 30, 2011
Hello there, thanks for the great question. In response to what I'm presuming is a personal symptom, Structural Integration/Rolfing successfully relieves sciatic pain, and more often than not, completely alleviates this pain that shoots from the buttock area down the leg. The manual manipulation of the fascia - the connective tissue sheath which encompasses every major structure within the body - creates space and lengthens the tissue surrounding the piriformis structure of the hip. If this piriformis muscle is constantly cramped or chronically tensed, it produces sciatic pain. Structural Integration will reorganize this piriformis muscle along with the other deep lateral hip rotators and integrate them with the entire body. The overall balance and alignment produced from the Structural Integration process will prevent future sciatic pain and other chronic discomfort. Constipation can also be facilitated by undergoing pelvic floor work throughout the Structural Integration series. Since the pubococcygeus and levator ani muscles are close to the tightened piriformis that causes sciatic pain, both symptoms can be relieved and a distant memory. The process will educate you on how to refine your daily movement patterns so you may prevent chronic tension altogether and focus living a life full of ease, fluidity, balance, and grace. I hope this answers your question. You may submit any other questions if need be. To your radiant health, Minki Kim
Shari Auth (New York, NY) on Jun 30, 2011
Yes, Rolfing, bodywork in general, and acupuncture all work wonders for sciatica and pirformis syndrome.
Anne Hoff (Seattle, WA) on Nov 23, 2011
I can't give a definitive answer, but if you were my client I would look to muscle/connective tissue balance in the pelvic area, both front and back, as resolving structural factors in this area can have a positive impact on body functions. As you mention an issue that involves nerves (sciatica) and organs (colon), I'd try to find a Rolfer™ who is also trained in neural (nerve) release and/or visceral work. These are not part of the standard Rolfing® training, but many Rolfers have added them to their "toolkit" through continuing education.