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Structural integration (including Rolfing)

Structural integration aligns, balances and lengthens the body by pressing into the connective tissues of the body and maneuvering them back into place.

I have hard lumps in my legs after one of my sessions, and lots of bruising. Is this normal?

Sally Cina (Saint Louis, MO) on Nov 19, 2011
Please tell your practitioner about these type of side effects after a session. It is possible that a lighter touch is needed. Bruising is rare in my experience. It can happen if one abruptly stops and rapidly pulls away from applying deep intense pressure. Therefore, I strive to use a slow tempo and gradually increase and decrease pressure, which helps in the gentle discovery of what the appropriate intensity of pressure is. Different people feel the same pressure differently. What is painful to one person, is not painful to another. Sometimes deep work does not feel painful, and yet later the area feels tender or bruises. This is part of the rationale behind the 10 Series. The first few sessions are focused on the sleeve and outer layers therefore require a lighter touch from the practitioner in order to be in contact with those outer layers. By the sessions focusing on the deeper layers come, the practitioner will have developed a relationship with and know what type of pressure works well with that individual client. A good practitioner will always listen to client feedback and lessen pressure when asked. Do speak up if anything becomes painful or too intense. Unfortunately, out there some practitioners have been known to work too hard and push clients past their limits. I would advise against continuing with any practitioner, who does respect your limits. In our American culture, some of us have internalized a false belief of no pain, no gain. Even an icon John Wayne can not change the truth that pain is just pain and that pain is always our body telling us that something is less than optimal. A good practitioner will know that there are many other options for resolving tension in an area that will help create ease and space, and that applying a ton of force to a tight spot wont really solve any problems.